Typos 2 / Fred Lambert / LCP

Typos 2 / Fred Lambert / LCP


Typos 2. Fred Lambert

Typos. Issue 2 London College of Printing. Editor: Fred Lambert. Different paper stock is used, incl transparency paper.

This issue includes among others articles Culture and Typography by Josef Müller-Brockmann, Spatial Poetry by Pierre Garnier, Talking to Herbert Spencer by Alan Fletcher, Canadian Graphic Design by Walter Jungkind, Japanese Posters By Fred Lambert, Pentagram design by Roger Fieldsend, The Influence of Jan Tschichold by Prof G W Ovink, etc.

The list of participating english and international advisors to Typos is quite incredible. Among others there are: Armin Hofman, Josef Mueller Brockmann, Wim Crouwel, Rolf Harder, Roger Excoffon, herbert bayer, Paul Rand, Colin Forbes, Bob Noorda, Ken Cato, Herman Zapf, Bruno Wiese, Willy Fleckhaus, Matthew Carter, JohnDreyfus, FHK Henrion, David Hillman, Prof Herbert Spencer, Prof Michael Twyman, John Ryder.

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