The Bowater Papers No 3 FHK Henrion

The Bowater Papers No 3 FHK Henrion


The Bowater Papers No3. 1954. The Bowater Paper Corporation London.

This issue has particularly many, special tip ins and packaging samples. i.e. Boiled sweet bags, glassine papers for a lollipop or swiss roll (designs for these bags by FHK Henrion). waxed paper sample for bread, etc. Special article about typography by Beatrice Warde - this article also has tip ins on different paper stocks showing various typefaces in different weights and sizes. The jacked has a few small tears and marks. 64pp. Probably the most diverse and interesting issue of the Bowater Papers!

A trade journal which was published irregularly from 1950. The Bowater Papers features articles on paper manufacture and packaging design, but rendered through highly innovative typographical and mechanical means to impress both clients, shareholders and competitors alike. As the public-facing vehicle for the company’s work, the journal was consciously designed to impress through technical skill and bright modernist designs. Devices such as fold-outs, punch-throughs and packaging inserts were used liberally.

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