Joseph Binder - ein Gestalter seiner Umwelt

Joseph Binder - ein Gestalter seiner Umwelt


Joseph Binder - ein Gestalter seiner Umwelt. Carla Binder. 1976. Verlag Anton Schroll. Hard cover. 144 pp

Binder derived the basics for his pictorial language from the visual arts: from 1922 on, the trained lithographer and typographer studied painting at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts under Berthold Löffler, a contemporary of the Secessonists Kolo Moser, Josef Hoffmann, and Alfred Roller.

It was early in his career that Binder attracted attention in poster competitions in Austria and Germany and in 1926 was honoured with the Republic of Austria’s National Design Prize for the best overall performance of a graduate from the School of Arts and Crafts. Later on, in the 1930s and 1940s, he received numerous awards from the New York Art Directors Club and won a poster competition for the 1939 New York World’s Fair. After stays in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and New York, he settled in the United States permanently and in 1944 became an American citizen.

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