Il silenzio e duro / Riccardo Manzi, signed limited edition

Il silenzio e duro / Riccardo Manzi, signed limited edition


Il silenzio e duro (silence is hard). 1965. Riccardo Manzi. Published by Rank Xerox. Over 50 full page illustrations by Manzi. This book is no 222 and signed by Riccardo Manzi. Some quite hilarious caricatures about ‘communicating’ with each other. It appears this book was produced for internal use only by Rank Xerox in a limited edition and printed/copied on a Xerox Copier 914 (the 914 model - so-called because it could copy originals up to 9 inches by 14 inches - 229 mm × 356 mm). 288mm x 230mm. 124pp. The dust jacket is worn around the edges.

Manzi produced well known advertisements and campaigns for the Italian firm Pirelli during the 1950s/60s, when other designers such as Bob Noorda, Max Huber or Bruno Munari were also commissioned by Italian companies.

Manzi was a minimalist with an unconventional style and created countless advertisements for Pirelli, in which his fantasy turned tyres into umbrellas 'for snow and ice', as in the BS3 campaign of 1960, or into 'enchanting eyes' able to see into the distance, as in the Pirelli Atlante advertisement of 1961, or even into elegant ladies' hats, as in the Pirelli Cinturato advertisement of 1962. 

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