idN special 03 2003

idN special 03 2003


idN special 03: examining the visual culture of corporate identity

idN special 03. examining the visual culture of corporate identity. 2003. Systems Design Limited. Hong Kong. Publisher: Laurence Ng.

Guest Art Director: Chris Kelly at mono design studio/London. 172pp. 

Studios whose work is shown include: 2gd from Copenhagen, Philippe Apeloig from Paris, Open and Sagmeister Inc. from New York, Cahan Associates from San Francisco, Imaginary Forces and Alexei Tylevich from Los Angeles, Segura Inc. from Chicago, Epoxy from Montreal, ISO from Glasgow, Base, with offices in New York, Barcelona and Brussels, and from London, Bark, Foundation 33, Graphic Thought Facility, The Kitchen, SEA, Spin, Research Studios, Julian Morey and Why Not Associates.

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