Austrian Applied Arts. Österreichisches Kunstgewerbe / Josef Hoffmann

Austrian Applied Arts. Österreichisches Kunstgewerbe / Josef Hoffmann


Ein Führer durch das Österreichische Kunstgewerbe. Austrian Applied Arts. Österreichisches Kunstgewerbe. Les Arts Decoratifs Autrichiens. 1930. Alfred Roller. Josef Hoffmann.

Leipzig, Wien, Troppau Verlag Heinz & Comp. 1930 First Edition . 359pp

Uncommon title on modernism in terms of commerce. From late Jugendstil and a starker modernism one might associate with Bauhaus. While the Austrian-Hungarian Empire had collapsed with the conclusion of World War One, Vienna remained a cultural cauldron of real influence beyond. This book, or guide, makes plain the fullness of creative energy still emanating from the former Habsburg domains. Josef Hoffman, of course, remains a revered figure in the arts to this day internationally. He was both an architect and designer of a wide array of decorative objects. As a founder of the Vienna Secession Movement, his ideas rippled in all the arts, and his move towards greater abstraction in design was in perfect sync with evolving styles of the times. Through a vast multitude of objects photographed covering ceramics, metalwork, toys, furniture, glassware, wallpaper and other decorative objects, this book celebrates the embrace of this modernism. A very large number of designers are represented, and so one gets a real sense of the creative ferment that was then stirring. Exciting is the diversity of visions sparked by the movement while generally adhering to the pared down vocabulary characterizing that movement. Advertisements in the back are also of interest. 

Josef Hoffmann, Michael Powolny, Carl Rotter, Rudolf Larisch, Otto Prutscher, Gertrude Tomaschek, Bertold Löffler, Anton Hanak, Lucie Rie-Gomperz, Vally Wieselthier, My Ullmann, Herta Bucher, Dagobert Peche, Maria Lucia Stadelmayer, Franz Bülow

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